This is a team that puts its creative energy into every new project.

Our People

The best results come from mixing people from different disciplines, all of whom understand design.

This is our team, who works its best to make your brand the best.

01 Nitya Umat
Nitya Umat
Founder & CEO
02 Aishwarya Umat
Aishwarya Umat
COO & Strategist
03 Rushi Bhimani
Rushi Bhimani
Content Head
04 Zeus Umat
Zeus Umat
HR | Admin
05 Monish Jhaveri
Monish Jhaveri
Design Head
06 Sangat Umat
Sangat Umat
Client Coordinator
06 Shachi Trivedi
Shachi Trivedi
07 Divya Choubisa
Divya Choubisa
07 Krina Barad
Krina Barad
Visual Design | Strategy
08 Mubasshira Mirza
Mubasshira Mirza
Communication Specialist
09 Drishya Gala
Drishya Gala
Visual Design | Strategy
09 Ritu Bhatt
Ritu Bhatt
Copy Writer
We're Enthusiastic

We only hire people passionate about their job, because enjoying one's work is the key to creating great things every day.

We love the challenges and the opportunities this industry presents.

Say Hello Salut Hola Ciao Namaste
Say Hello Salut Hola Ciao Namaste
Head Illustration