Scope Of Work

The sun-kissed country of Ireland played host to our latest branding adventure, with the launch of Eirsun, the state-of-the-art solar company. Here at Social Sherpa, we were thrilled to work on the branding project for this company that is powering homes across the Emerald Isle with renewable energy.

Shedding light on Eirsun's logo evolution

Our team brainstormed the best visual elements to encapsulate the eco-conscious ethos of the brand and emerged with a scheme adorned in orange and blue.

Let’s start with unveiling the tale of Eirsun's colour palette. The logo has a fusion of orange and blue. The blue hue is selected to mimic the shade of solar film, and embodies the cutting-edge technology behind Eirsun. As for the sunny orange, it's not just any shade. It reverberates with the warm radiance of the sun, while also mirroring the exact hue found in the Irish flag—an ingenious tribute to Eirsun's Irish roots.

Now, let's explore the journey of the logo. It depicts a home rooftop and sunlight bathes it, capturing the essence of solar energy. But there's more to the logo. A glowing window shines amidst the rays, symbolising the power of Eirsun's solar panels. In some versions of the logo, the window even has unique colours, highlighting the energy of the sun being absorbed by the roof. This collaboration brings power to homes, showcasing how Eirsun lights up households with their incredible solar technology. With this dynamic logo, the  brand identity was complete, embodying innovation, reliability, and efficiency.

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Outro Gallery photo
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Say Hello Salut Hola Ciao Namaste
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